Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yup, You Found Me

If you are looking for your 7th grade language arts teacher, you found me. I'll get things up and running here as soon as I can. Right now life is finishing grading, packing boxes, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and de-cluttering. Yikes, not my favorite things.


Jesse said...

Hey, Mrs.Fuentes
I'm really gonna miss you when you are in Wheatland. You were a great language arts teacher you taught us to show our feelings through the ink and and everything around us. I know this sounds a little creepy but i can see you now, picking up the last box out of your house, the one as i have said before my aunt and uncle lived in that house before you moved in. I will miss you but i will keep coming back to this blog to see your smiling babies on the screen.
Love Your Former Student,
Jesse Ray

The Fabulous Mrs. F said...

Nice to hear from you. Hard to believe that school has only been out a week. I've been painting bedrooms. That's hard work!