Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Bean is . . . .

A boy! Our first boy. All my husband's brother have about five boys each, so it's no big deal for them, but this will only be the 2nd grandson on my side (my poor nephew on this side was in danger of being overrun by the pink frilly brigade). Husband is, of course, very excited. I don't think he'd be one iota disappointed with another girl, but there is something about a boy that is very special to men. I won't deny him the joy of it. I'm pretty happy too. I like a family with some variety.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Word on Contracts, Agents and Communication

Wow, we almost bought a house. We have not sold ours, but we almost bought one. We intended, and told the agent, we wanted to make a contingency offer, which is a promise to buy the house once certain criteria is fullfilled. In our case, we wanted to buy the house when our house sold. This meant that other buyers could offer on the house and if the seller accepted on of them instead, we'd lose the house. We really liked that house!

But the contract that was drawn up set the contingency on us getting pre-qualified for a loan, not selling our house, so when the bank said, "yes, you qualify," we were locked into buying a house while still paying the mortgage on this one. That would work until September, when I am no longer working and no longer receiving paychecks. Eep!

Long story short, the agent was really pressuring us about this; every time something came up that would block the loan, he had a more complicated way to try and solve it. We had the bank re-run the numbers with just my husband's salary, which did not qualify us (and that's a more accurate portrayal of the future anyway) and terminated the contract. It's pretty standard that if the buyer does not qualify for funding the contract is void. The agent was still trying to find a way around this, but honestly, enough was enough. Everything looked so good for a while, then it started to sour pretty quick. If we're blessed, our house will sell for the asking price or near it, and this house will still be on the market in Wheatland.

In other news, I have my ultrasound this morning, so I might know if Baby Bean is a boy or girl. I'll keep everyone posted.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Thanks to my mom, I'm a big fan of HGTV. It's amazing how many shows they can come up with about buying and selling houses. For someone trying to sell a house, they can be simultaneously helpful and anxiety-inducing. I mean, if people can look at a lovely, large house and reject it because it doesn't have granite countertops, I fear I'll never sell my place. (I don't have granite countertops. I do have some nice ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom, though). I've learned about "staging" a house, so all the cleaning and decluttering this week (a marathon of it) is focused on that goal. Making the house look neat, clean and open so it will appeal to potential buyers. We've loked at enough houses to know that we seriously consider ones that are well staged more often than ones that are simply tidied up.

With this in mind, we have taken everything out of the bedrooms but the beds and dressers. Both girls' rooms were painted, the younger one, which was pale yellow over a froggy border and hot pink under is now a lovely cool green under the border. The older daughter's room, which was rose and periwinkle (pink and purple for the boys) is now pale, pale green with white trim. It looks so good, I wish we'd done it a few years ago. The only major declutter projects left are the kitchen and the garage (and dear Hubby get's to do the garage because it's pretty much ALL his stuff).

Whew. I don't think I've ever done so much housework in so little time.