Friday, July 18, 2008

Dogs and dinner rolls

On the whole, I have a pretty good dog. When we adopted him, he was 80 pounds of pull-you-down-the-street exuberance and needed some training and manners quick. He also had a tendancy to try and dominate everyone and everything. Thanks to the wonderful, knowledgeable people at, he is mostly a good dog. He doesn't go into bedrooms, climb on furniture, dig holes or bark to excess. He has learned his place and lets my toddler use him as an armchair. She adores him (and he adores kids in general). What happened today was not his fault, but mine. I was stupid.

Tomorrow we are celebrating a family birthday. Since my sister-in-law is making her (splendid and wonderful) pulled pork, I volunteered to make rolls to put it on. I have a recipe for cornmeal dinner rolls that I think will go great with pulled pork. It involves cooking the cornmeal into a grits-like mush, letting it cool to lukewarm before adding the yeast and then making the dough, which of course has to rise twice. They are really yummy, but boy, they take a lot of time. The first rising went very well (I was happy because the first time I made these, I didn't let the mush cool enough and it killed theyeast, which meant no rising at all), I punched it down rolled it out, cut the rolls, place them on the cookie sheets and put them outside to rise again. With the air conditioning going, it's too cool inside for them to rise. After a while, I noticed they weren't rising on the grill (which was in the shade), so I moved the to the patio cahirs (in the sun). Today was a bit cooler than usual, and it was clouding up a bit, so I hoped the sun would get the proper rising going. Then I let my mind wander off into Sandra Boyton land to read to my toddler and had a massive brain fart. I let the dog out when he asked.

By the time I had my older daughter check on the rolls, about 30 minutes later, they were gone. Poof! And I have a dog with a very bad tummy ache. I'm keeping him outside (with plenty of water) because the vet said he could have diarrhea or vomiting and we just had the carpets cleaned. I am not scrubbing doggy diarrhea out of my newly cleaned carpets, even if the roll fiasco was my fault.


Jesse said...

It's something about dogs and human food. One thanksgiving my grandparents dog ate half of an apple pie. Now that was some upset stomach. I wish we had a dog, my mom want to potty train my little sister before she potty trains a little dog.

Tinkerbabe13 said...

Mrs. F,
I'm really going to miss you, I want you to know that you taught me to wright. I came into your class thinking writing was ok, and getting two's for scores, and came out loving writing, getting fours for scores, and in the process of writing a book. I decided to finish Amara's Gem, and I will give you a copy sometime. Thank you for inspirering me.
Miss you much
Tabbitha M

The Fabulous Mrs. F said...

It reminds me of one of those TV shows where they get the whole family gathered around the dining room table, waiting expectantly for the glorious turkey (which is ALWAYS a gorgeous golden brown). The mother goes to kitchen where it's been resting and, ACK! the dog has absconded with the turkey and there's absolutely no time for a substitute.

Tabby, great to hear from you. Jesse's been great keeping up with me this summer. I'm trying to keep this up regularly. I have three novel ideas I've outlined, but no time to write much on them. I miss my laptop!