Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Books! The Books Have Arrived!

There is something a bit awe-inspiring about seeing an entire sophmore curriculum in a box. It's one thing to see the list of classes on paper, but a completely different one to have the textbooks staring me in the face. Wowza! Frankly, despite nine years of teaching, this is intimidating. I knew I would be completely responsible for Chalea's entire HS education from here on in, but I didn't know know, if that makes sense.

Each subject has a teachers guide with a day-by-day break down for the subject. I know exactly what and how much to teach on day one, day two, day three and on until day 180 or more. Of course, because it is home schooling and flexibility is one of the main advantages, I can speed up lessons that Chalea learns quickly and slow down and reteach on the ones she struggles with. I know the public school try to do tailored Individual Education Plans for students who struggle, but here, I have the ultimate IEP. Totally one-on-one and at the student's speed.

Yeah, I'm excited. Life was feeling weird, knowing that fellow teachers go back to school on the 18th, and students on the 25th and remembering that neither Chalea nor I will be joining them. This makes it less strange. I will still be teaching. Chalea will still be learning. Lilli will still be making life very busy and interesting. And our Baby Bean will be coming along too. I could not be more busy if I had continued as a public school teacher, but I would have been less happy.

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