Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Off to the Fair

Actually, we have already been to the State Fair. The first few days are free, so we can browse the exhibits (I like the quilts--some are just glorious) and the vendors without paying $4 a head. It's still a moneytrap, but not quite so bad, especially if we eat first. Fair food is neither cheap nor healthy (yum, funnel cakes, mini doughnuts, kettle corn, and the splendid catering tent) and it's all TEMPTING! We did buy a pin for me. I've been drooling over the recycled angel pins made by a local lady for a few years and I finally bought one for myself. She uses jewelry to construct the engels and they're just beautiful. I had a terrible time deciding. We also bought Lilli a knitted poncho and Chalea a personalized bracelet and learned that my Spanish still needs a lot of work (not a surprise).

Speaking of, we started Chalea's Spanish class this week. I think she's has a bit of an advantage over some students, since she has heard Spanish ever since she was a baby. The pronunciations seem to come pretty easy for her and she's doing alright with the vocabulary.

The house is STILL up for sale. I know, I know, I'm supposed to wait for God's timing and be patient and everything, but I'm having some trouble with that. It's hard to see why moving later rather than sooner would be a good thing right now, especially as I get rounder and rounder. On my last baby, I had terrible side pains during the last trimester that made lifting or being too active difficult. I also developed pre-eclampsia and had to be induced early. We want to avoid both of those situations this time. Hopefully, not working will help (My doctor seems to think it will), but moving a household isn't exactly stress-free either. So those of you out there who pray, keep us in your prayers.

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