Monday, August 4, 2008

Time Evaporates

I cannot beleive that it's august already, that State Fair is almost here, that school will be starting in about three weeks (enjoy it while you can teachers and kids). We spoke with the surriculum coulselors at Seton Home Study program this week. They received my oldest's entrance exams and we worked out which classes she needs. Here's her "Class Schedule", though it has nothing to do with how much time we'll spend on each and which time slots we'll use:
Algebra 1
world history
Spanish 1
earth science/health (she has to make up a semester of earth science and the health class is one semester)
Religion 9
Literature 10
We've discussed the possibility of her joining the choir class at the high school (and just the choir class), but I'm not sure we'll do that. There are a lot of activities available through the community there, including sports, acting, various dance classes, all sorts of very active 4-H clubs, and volunteer opportunities. I don't see any reason to put her back into the HS drama and trama scene, even if it's only for 90 minutes every other day. We will try to get her into the driver's ed program, which is after school anyway and will give her an extra credit this year.

I'm excited for the books to arrive. I'm really excited about teaching world history and religion (doctrine this year) because those are two things I enjoyed studying myself. She's never had world history, so it will be nice to introduce something totally new. The math overlaps a little, but that's not a bad thing, in math.

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