Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why Extreme Environmentalists Scare Me

Before anyone jumps in here and starts calling me names and assuming that I want to deplete all planetary resources and leave earth as a hollow shell, I want everyone to be clear on my environmental opinions. I think clean air and clean water are wonderful things which we should work toward having. We need to work toward a clean alternative fuel for our transportation, but until then, we should make use of the reserves and resources we have. We are stewards of the earth, not its rulers. That means we should use the resources wisely, not squander them.

I also would like everyone to note that I am concerned about EXTREME environmentalists. That certainly doesn't include anyone who wants to go a little green.

Lets, face it, there are some people who have put the earth and environment so high on their priority list that they are essentially a new version of the old "Earth Mother Goddess" worshippers. Some actually admit to this. Most don't. They have their head wrapped in science and reason and all the writings about how dangerous humanity is to the earth. This attitude has been building since at least the seventies, possibly earlier. Try reading a sci-fi novel from that period. Almost all assume that humans overpopulate the earth and therefore must find other habitable planets. Earth is god(dess) and human beings are public enemy number one.

They're good lobbyists. They have a persuasive arguement and many people can listen to them and think, "Well, yeah, I agree with some of that." Please recall, though, that these people are the ones who think China's one-child policy is a great idea. You know, China, that doesn't allow freedom of worship and forces women to have abortions. That's who they point to as an example of how to help the environment. It isn't just about local produce, hybrid cars, carpooling, solar panels, wind farms, or recycling. The one true way to save the earth is to reduce the enemy. Us.

They won't go for a child limiting policy at first, but with the wrong people in the White House and on Capitol Hill, they'll lay the foundations for it. Financial incentives will be the first step. Maybe the child tax credit will disappear for any children after two. After all, two is the replacement rate; it's perfectly reasonable to expect people to stop after two children. Eventually, there may not only be no child tax credit, but children will be come a taxable item. Like a luxury tax on flesh and blood.

If we move toward a government controlled health care system, the restrictions will become even greater, and harder for people to live with. Perhaps no prenatal care for third plus children. Perhaps no health care at all, unless it is totally paid for by the parents. The message, that these extra children are a burden, not a blessing, comes through clearly. I doubt it will belong after that before mandadtory tubal litigation happens immediately after the second child's birth. Why not make it a regular c-section and take care of birth and sterilization all at once? Those who refuse the tubal may lose some or all of their health benefits for them and their family.

But don't worry, we'd be saving Mother Earth.

It might not happen in my lifetime, but if the wrong people are elected, if the extremists are allowed to lay the right foundation in law and thought, we could be looking at a future dystopia not too different from Lois Lowery's The Giver. What type of society kills people who are inconvenient? Ours. And if those in control decide that the number of births is inconvenient, don't expect any morals about the sanctity of life to stop them.

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