Thursday, September 4, 2008

So far, we like it

Home schooling, that is.

Here's what the teen likes:
She got to "do school" in her pajamas yesterday.
She had her choice of food for lunch.
She drank not one but three cups of hot cocoa during her morning classes.
She took a power nap after lunch while I convinced Lilli to take her nap.
Our goal is to have all classwork, other than reviewing some of her Spanish or other vocabulary terms or somee reading, finished by four. So far, so good. She isn't bothered then by parental questions about homework, how she's doing, is she missing any papers, etc. I know where she is and we're all good with that.
There are no racist, sexist, or other bigoted comments, no one pushing her down the stairs, no one filching things out of her back pack before class, no one trying to be a class cut-up, or clown or bully. Yes, those things all happened. Among all that, plus massive cell phone use, no apparent regulations on dress or behavior for the student body at large, Douglas High School just wasn't an academic environment condusive to her learning.

What I like?
I'm not on my feet for 6-8 hours of the day.
I can take bathroom breaks whenever I need them.
I can teach from my recliner if necessary.
I have one student and she has so far been very independent with her work and willing to make corrections when needed.
I get to have toddler snuggle time quite frequently.

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