Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas Shopping Accomplished (nearly)

I am not usually the type that buys Christmas presents early, but I think I will be quite busy soon, so I did what I could online yesterday.

The hubby: check! All complete, something he expects and a nice surprise
The teen: half check, but her dad is better at finding the other presents than I am
The toddler: Check
The baby: Baby's first Christmas, they always get a personalized stocking, so check
Really, all that's left is the shopping for the adult gift exchange. We draw names, and the teen is included in the adults, so my family is responsible for gifts for my mom and both my brothers. It doesn't really matter who drew who, I end up doing the shopping. That's okay, I enjoy it.

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Tinkerbabe13 said...

Thats awsome. I love shopping, but sometimes I just don't have the patients to do christmas shopping, becuase I get really frustrated with all the people around. So how have you been? I got Mrs. Vaughn as a language teacher this year, mr. Bock is the history teacher, he is really cool. I'm still on the speech and debate team. We have a really small team this year. Me, Lacey, miranda, and celine. It is fun though because it is easyer with less people to get our peices perfect. This year i am doing Junie B. Jones has a Peep in her Pocket, and it is verry fun and hillarious i really love it. how are you? I'm sorry that i haven't left a comment lately, but i have been sooooooo busy. I'm doing really good this year. i was on A B honor roll and havnt got homework room all year :)

miss you much
Tabbitha M.