Friday, October 24, 2008


Patience is a virtue, one of the supernatural moral virtues, I think. And it ought to count double or triple because there are many types of patience. I'm better at some than others.

I'm pretty good at the "I've explained this type of math problem six times and she still doesn't get it" type of patience. The type that leads a mom or teacher to explain it yet again.

I'm not too bad at the "It's eleven PM and my toddler refuses to sleep tonight" patience, though the closer I get to my due date, the more Hail Mary's I need to keep it.

I'm downright awful at the"waiting for my house to sell" patience. Waiting on God's timing seems much harder than being patient with people. Maybe it's because I feel like God could hurry things up if He thought it was neccessary. Knowing that a) He won't and b) it will turn out better this way, doesn't exactly make me more patient. It just means I have to apologize more for my impatience.

I'm not doing too well on the "Baby could be here any day, labor could start any minute" patience. Part of me feels so ready (the part that has to pee every 20 minutes and can't sleep at night because there is no comfortable position anymore, it's really ready) and part of me remembers that the due date isn't for a week, and that it would be great timing, since my husband has four days off in a row right then. And those other parts think, "Seven days? That's 168 hours. 10080 minutes. That's a long time." It's a lot of trips to the bathroom.

So I'm ready to wait, and figure out which part of the virtue I'm earning and which I need to work on. I'm still finding it easier to wait on baby than on God, though, Lord knows, it's the same thing right now, isn't it?

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Tinkerbabe13 said...

im really bad at waiting and patience i think, though others tell me im really not. but with me its more like i wish i could speed up doing my home work because i want to read my book. i hope that your house sells soon and that it all turnes out great for you.

miss you bunches
Tabbitha M.