Friday, September 25, 2009

Why I Don't Support Obama

I was going to title this, "Why I Don't Like Obama", but I've told my children that they can't like or dislike someone they don't know, and I don't know Obama. I know some things about him and his opinions adnd policies, since these have been thrown around a lot. But I don't know him.

I can't believe I have to preface this post with this statement, but considering the current trend to accuse anyone who doesn't support Obama completely as racist, I feel it is neccessary. My objections to Obama have nothing to do with the color of his skin. They have nothing to do with the culture he comes from. They have everything to do with his opinions, policies and values. I am white. I'm about as white as can be. Some make-up lines don't make foundation light enough for me. My husband is Hispanic. He grew up as a migrant worker in a household that spoke Spanish almost exclusively. I could write a whole essay on the differences between us. I might, someday.

On to the show.

My simplest objection to Obama is his stance on abortion. I never vote pro-abortion. Never. It is too fundamental an issue. It shows too much about how a person views life, children, and people in general. Abortion is the violent murder of a baby. Abortion techniques burn babies to death from the inside out with chemicals. They tear them limb from limb, dismembering them while they are still alive. Partial-birth abortion, easily the most repulsive type of murder, actually births the baby almost completely before sucking his brains out and collasping the skull. The baby is still alive when this starts. Obviously, he isn't by the end. There will not be, nor should there be, any quibbling about when life begins. Biology books have long said that life begins at conception. That should be enough to put everyone firmly in the pro-life, anti-abortion camp. It isn't, because people who prefer to kill babies than be inconvenienced by them started arguing personhood, not life. The baby is a human life, but it isn't a person, so it doesn't get protection. It is a vile use of language, one used in the past to oppress both women and minorities. Yet, Obama has said that he would murder his grandchildren.

A good government has a responsibility to protect those who have no power to protect themselves and no voice to object to injustices heaped upon them. There is no group of people, no minority, no gender, no sexual preference, so powerless, defenseless, and voiceless as the unborn. Any man or woman who advocates and defends the murder of babies cannot be depended upon for justice to any group. Would any black person trust a slaveowner or KKK member to sit on a jury for him or her? Would a woman trust a rapist to be a just judge? No, of course not. As a human, I cannot trust someone who advocates the murder of babies to have my best interests in mind or at heart.

Abortion is an issue with no gray areas and no compromises.

My more complex opposition to Obama is his socialist leanings. Depending on who's talking, they may be much more than leanings. He's toppled right into the socialism vat. Socialism grew out of the French Revolution, which was a bloody, ugly, misguided piece of history. Without going into details, the concept that the government must control everything for life to be fair and just is wrong. Yes, the government may need to organize and regulate certain things to assure things run smoothly. Employers should not be allowed to treat employees in a biased, unjust or cruel manner. Employees should be protected from racism, sexism, agism and all the other -ism biases we can invent. But employers should also be allowed to keep their business running. The business of business is to make money, with which they pay those employees and reinvest in the company. Take away the freedom to make smart busines decisions and businesses go belly up. In the same way, what is legalized by the government is seen as moral. If the government demonizes business, the collective opinion of the masses seems to follow. In 1979, the government said it was legal to murder my generation in the womb. I am loathe to place the future of social justice in their hands.

Charity should not be the job of the government. It is the job of private citizens and organizations. When government steps in, private people believe they no longer need to contribute to charities or help their fellow men out. Socialism, which at it's source and heart hates religion, drives us away from the primary virtue of Christianity. No, not all of America is Christian, but the majority is, and we have moved far away from the roots of a faith that calls for us to love our neighbor, to give to the poor, to feed the hungry, etc. It has been easy to become complacent because "The government will do it."

One of the most divisive debates in the country now is illegal immigration. I'll save most of my thoughts on that for another post. Some illegal immigrants come to the US for a better life--better wages, a chance to feed their family, and yes, better health care. If someone shows up in the emergency room needing a lifesaving procedure or medication, it should be given to them, regardless of citizenship. It's the right thing to do when the other option, to turn them away, could risk or kill the person. Ah, but who pays for it? Obama has volunteered the tax payers. If instead we would organize a chairty, where people who feel the need to help out can, it would grow to support the need. I suppose we could send a bill to their governments, but really, how would we collect? The same for people who need healthcare, but are in a situation where they do not have insurance. This is the realm of private charity, not government.

Socialist government invasion has no stopping line. Control of business leads to control of health care. Control of health care leads to control over family and diet. Do we want a government that says we can't have a cheeseburger if our BMI is too high? What about a government that says we must not have more than 2 children because this is best for the environment? How much personal freedom are we willing to give away?

I do not want to be handed things from my government. I earned my grades in school. I earned the scholarships that put me through college and earned my own way after that. I earned the money for my house and my car and I am raising and educating my children. I accept all this as my responsibility. Mine, not my government's.

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