Monday, January 18, 2010

A daybook entry

Our school year is done. We are waiting for Seton to grade the last three essays for Literature and the last two history tests, then we can order her junior year curriculumn. In the meantime, we're all getting a bit of a break.
This photo is from my older brother's wedding. Aren't they both just adorable?

Outside my window . . . sunny, warm, calm. Truly beautiful.

I am thankful for . . . being finished with the school year, the beautiful weather, giggly children, my industrious husband.

I am remembering . . . how stresful it was a year ago when we painted our entire house in about 5 days, so the colors would be neutral. Sal was only about four months old, Lilli was two and a half. Today, we are painting our main bathroom a pale, seafoam green called Country Garden.

I am going . . . on a date with my husband tomorrow. We decided that a once a week date without children would be so nice, and a real break for both of us. It's just dinner, but it's a dinner without fussing, wiggling, or escaping.

I am currently reading . . . Unseen Academicals, by Terry Prachett. It is probably a sad commentary on my confidence in our government that I would prefer Lord Vetinari to Barak Obama.

I am hoping . . . that the ground warms up enough for that fence!

On my mind . . . conceiving another child. I want to wait until after February though, because there are enough October birthdays in the family.

Noticing that . . . I gained a little over the holidays. I need to start running with the dog, instead of just walking.

Pondering these words . . . "Obediance is better than sacrifice, and submission than the fat of rams." From the book of Samuel, which was the mass reading this morning (I didn't get to mass, but it's in my Magnificat). It puts things in perspective.

From the kitchen . . . chocolate-oatmela-peanut butter mound cookies. You know, the ones where you heat the cocoa, butter, PB, milk and sugar, then add oatmeal until it's a lumping mess and cool the cookies on wax paper or foil. Yum, but not helping the whole "lose-the-holiday-weight" idea.

Around the house . . . Painting. Cleaning, laundry. The usual.

One of my favorite things . . . did I mention the cookies? And sunny days in January.

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