Thursday, October 14, 2010

They say every pregnancy is different

And they're right! There was little difference between my pregnancy will Lilli and my pregnancy with Sal, except that with Lilli, I craved meat, preferably beef in the form of hamburgers and steak. With Sal, I wanted sweets and creamy stuff (yes, I went through a lot of ice cream). I didn't have much nausea, and when I did, it was easy to deal with. I was tired, but not the horrid, bone-deep fatigue some women get. This time . . . I feel like I've had low-level food poisoning for six weeks straight. Everything makes me queasy. I'm thirsty, and being dehydrated makes me queasy, but drinking water on an empty stomach also makes me queasy, and sometimes, just thinking about eating anything makes me feel ill. Some days, the thought of sweets sends me to the bathroom. Some days, I crave them, but not often. Mostly I crave salad, or sandwiches with lots of greens on them. Subway is my friend. Oh, and spicy food. The homemade salsa at the local Mexican restaurant tastes wonderful to me, though I always regret it later.

I have found that the best way to function is to take my vitamins after dinner (not at bedtime, though). Otherwise I am sick all day. I also must eat like a hobbit: first breakfast, second breakfast, luncheon, tea, early supper, later supper, bedtime snack . Little meals, because if I eat a bite too much . . . bleach. I've never had a touchy stomach until now.

This little one is being hard on me. I hope he or she will be an easy baby, because that would nicely balance things out. Not that life works that way.

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