Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Updates and Thoughts

Goodness, that back in the ticker has grown. It's nice to look at during these early months when I can't feel the baby move, haven't gained enough weight to look pregnant (but enough that my pants don't fit), and haven't heard a heartbeat or seen an ultrasound yet.

Current names we like:
Filomena Rose
Elias Alfonso

If you don't like them, I don't care. I like them. a lot.

I broke 30,000 words on my novel this morning. I've added about 4,000 words this week. I decided that getting the novel done (at least a rough draft) before the baby is born is a priority. I've had more time because of another announcement that isn't nearly so great:

Chalea moved out. She quit her schooling and moved out. She didn't want to follow rules. She didn't want to stop doing things behind out back and hiding things from us. We put our collective feet down and told her this was unacceptable. She needed to shape up. The stress of the situation before was making me physically ill. I take stress in the gut, so to speak. Lupe was frustrated. We would have loved if she would have chosen to change her ways, because she has developed a lifestyle that will be very damaging to any personal or professional relationship she tries to build. Instead, she is living with her boyfriend and his parents. Time will show how things turn out. I won't say she threw her future away (that's a phrase reserved for people who end up in jail for a few decades at this point), but she has made it immeasurably harder.

We could go through a book of the past and the psychology and everything that lead to this, but in the end, she said it. It was her choice. Whether she wants or intends them or not, the consequences of that choice are hers as well.

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Mayme said...

Oh My!
First...I love the names! Absolutely love them!
Second...I'll pray. Pray hard.
You and Lupe have our love and our prayers!